What's your favorite outdoor activity?


I’m really getting excited to learn more about why play is so important for our little ones, especially outdoor play. In anticipation of the online event happening today right here in the community at 5:30 PM PT // 8:30 PM ET, share your favorite outdoor activity!


I’ll go first! I have two, because I just can’t choose. The first is family bike rides. :mountain_biking_man: :mountain_biking_woman: I LOVE bike riding, and I love sharing this love with my loves. :heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: My older son has a Trail Along bike that connects to mine, so he can keep up and my littlest son sits in an iBert bike seat on my husband’s bike. I’m thinking we’re going to have to re-evaluate because my son has outgrown this option. :rofl:

My second favorite outdoor activity is exploring in any of the many California Redwood forests near us. This unstructured time in nature where my boys lead the way and interact with nature in all of it’s raw splendor is SO MUCH FUN for the whole family. I’d gladly take a leisurely stroll in this glorious setting over any other activity! :green_heart: :evergreen_tree:


We have a lot of favorite outdoor activities! If I had to pick our top activity though it would be drawing chalk figures in our driveway. We write words, draw pictures, and one time drew a hopscotch game to the number 100.


We have a couple of favorite outdoor activities. (Indeed so many things to do outdoors; so hard to pick just 1!).

Bike riding: Adam rides his bike and I accompany him on my scooter on the trails near us. He’ll ride for a while and boom - stop just to look at the ducks on the water. It’s so fun!

Track: We just started this, and it’s awesome. Adam has started getting into track workouts.
We go to his school and complete a few sets. It’s pretty hard, and he just keeps at it even when I tell him he can take a break. It’s hard for me also; he can run!


Oh yes, sidewalk chalk is lots of fun! Hopscotch to 100, now that’s impressive!!


Yay for more biking fun! I forgot about the scooters – I know you said you’ll ride your scooter while he bikes, but my boys both love to ride their scooters. Yep too many to choose from! HA!

I’m impressed that your little guy is already into track workouts, that’s amazing! And wonderful since it something you two can do together!


Well so much to choose from but I would say just being outside. Taking her to the park. Watching her problem solve and check out the new obstacles and such and she loves watching other people.


Being outside is so magical, you’re right @Paysonsmom, there’s so much to choose from!

I bet Payson learns so much from her people watching! That’s always been a favorite pastime of mine too.

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