What would you like to know about your child's sleep?


General question for the community. What would you like to know about your child’s sleep? What would you like your Starling to tell you?


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Do any of you care to weigh on on this?

Thanks in advance!


How much sleep. Like fit bit tells me restless, awake, and sleeping total times.


@Paysonsmom I too like how my Fitbit organizes the sleep data.

Would you be interested in pre-sleep routine analysis with the aim of helping your child sleep better through out the night?


Sure. We have a pretty strict routine already but she does not sleep through the night anymore. Not even close.


@Paysonsmom, Oh the joys of parenting. Once we think we nailed it, another milestone comes along. Hang in there mama, I can almost promise you that Payson will be sleeping through the night again before too long!


@jami. She stopped over 6 months ago :frowning:


@Paysonsmom I feel you! I have a just turned four year daughter old that won’t sleep through the night and it’s painful!

Thank you for your feedback.


We have a lot of questions about sleep. Our daughter slept great from 2.5mo-18mo (she had acid reflux prior to that) & when she jumped out of her crib 3x in 2 days, we switched to a big girl bed. We have had about 2 wks total in 11 months that she has slept thru the night. She is up between 2-8x a night. We are actually going for a consultation for a sleep study next month because nothing has helped.


Hi @LauraByrd. Sorry to hear that she’s not sleeping well. Can I ask what type of questions you have?



Hi Jon…

Lately…our daughter has had issues with staying in her bed once we have finished our nighttime routine. She’s up 2-6x before she settles in. She goes to bed between 8/830…usually the latter bc daddy works later. We eat later (715/730p) so she’s definitely not hungry going to bed. She usually sleeps solid for the first 2-3hrs & then by 1130/1230a she wakes up & we walk her back to her rm & she goes right back to sleep. She wakes up usually near her sleep cycles. Sometimes it’s 2-8x a night. She usually never wants to play during the middle of the night…she settles quickly…but all of our sleep patterns are disrupted. The ENT doesn’t see an issue with her tonsils & assumes her adenoids would be swollen if her tonsils were…so we are referred to a sleep study dr. We go next month to see if we are candidates for the study. She was a fantastic sleeper from 2.5mo-18mo & sleeps worse now than when she was a newborn.


So, our questions are…what will help her to sleep & stay asleep? We have a sound machine & dark curtains & rails on her bed. We have tried essential oils, more/less blankets, sound machine, elevated head of bed, night light…we are at a loss for our next step…


Hi @LauraByrd, Thank you for all that you’ve shared! It really sounds like you’ve got all your bases covered with the dar curtains, sound machine, bed/blanket explorations – and finally essential oils (which is what I would have suggested). I wonder if it’d make sense to contact a sleep specialist?


We have a consultation with a dr. next month who will determine if our daughter is a candidate for a sleep study. Hoping that will give us more answers as to if anything is going on we aren’t aware of.


I’m sorry @LauraByrd, you did mention that earlier on. I wish you the best of luck!! Sleep is important, for everyone!!


Thank you!! Yessss!! So so important!!


Hi @LauraByrd, I am just catching up here. Sleep can be very frustrating. We did a sleep study with my daughter too. It was a very interesting experience and the sleep center staff themselves were great. My daughter loved them. I hope she starts sleeping for you.


No worries! Yes, it sure can…especially since there is no rhyme or reason to it, it seems. Did you get solid answers that helped? We have an evaluation first & hopefully she’s a candidate. If not, I’m hoping they can help us with another route. Me too!! We all need it :joy::sleeping:


@LauraByrd Unfortunately, we did not get solid answers. My daughter snores and breathes heavy in her sleep so she was a candidate for enlarged adnoids but the sleep study came back as perfectly normal which was frustrating and, honestly, I’m not sure how anyone can sleep normally with so many wires attached. I slept with her in the center (which is expected) and I barely slept at all as the technician had to come in and replace wires occasionally too.

Ironically, my son has different sleep concerns. He sleeps so deeply that he becomes like a zombie and has even done some sleep walking!