Starling Update 2.5.1 - Get Moving and much more!


What’s New in 2.5.1?

Weekly Starling Summary in your Inbox
Every Monday you’ll get an email that smartly summarizes your Starling usage for the past week!

Welcome to Move Score!
Move Score has moved – pun intended! - out of our Beta phase, so now everyone can enjoy seeing their child’s Move Score on the Starling App home screen!

Various Bug Fixes
We’re always troubleshooting issues. The most notable fix includes resolving an issue where users received duplicate push notifications.

How to Update your Starling
Users can update their Starling app via the Google Play Store or App Store.


Payson has been in beta phase but has never ever had a movement come up. Just so your aware. She is walking and running now too


Hi @Paysonsmom, I’m not sure how I missed this comment. I see you’ve also shared this with us in other threads – and Jon replied to you today. I’ll track your response in the other post.

Thank you!


Can you explain the move score? I understand it tracks the child’s movement but what is the goal and purpose of tracking this data? I couldn’t find an explaination in the help and settings.