Starling Release 26.0


What’s New in 2.6?

Starling Labs
All users can now discover and test features still in development! These features include Light Sensor data, Quality Words, and Sleep Tracking (see below). Users can access Starling Labs via the side menu in the main Starling app by clicking on the menu item called ‘Starling Labs’ between Help & Settings and Community. For help, questions, or feedback on Starling Labs, click the ‘Feedback’ button in Starling Labs, or visit the community section called Starling Labs via the ‘Community’ menu item in the Starling app.

Sleep Tracking (within Starling Labs)
Track your child’s wake-up, bedtime, and total sleep duration by viewing your child’s Sleep data in Starling Labs. Remember to leave your Starling in your child’s room in charging while he/she sleeps so we can have the best chance at analyzing your child’s sleep data.

Word of the Day
Our awesome Word of the Day (WoD) feature has moved out of beta. Users (iOS only) can now use the feature to help their children with word pronunciation. With WoD, parents receive a score on how well their child pronounces the Starling word of the day. This feature increases parent-child engagement, child vocabulary, and overall development.

How to Update your Starling
iOS users can update their Starling app via the App Store.
(Android users are not required to update their Starling app.)