Starling Release 2.5: A Mega Update for Your Starling!


April showers bring Starling updates and we’ve got some MEGA updates for you!

• Daily Word Count Record: Starling users will now receive a notification from the Starling team when they have set a new Daily Word Count record.

• In App Starling Community: The Starling Community is now directly accessible through the Starling App! Now, users can connect with other Starling users, learn more about their Starling, ask questions and hear from the Starling team itself all within the Starling community embedded within the Starling app.

To access the Starling Community, click on the side menu and click ”Community”.

• Ability to Unsubscribe: Users can now manage the Starling notifications they’d like to receive about their usage.

• Word of the Day: Through a new beta feature, parents receive a score on how well their child pronounces the Starling Word of the Day. With WoD, parents can help their children with their vocabulary, increase parent-child engagement and help their child’s overall development.

How to make the upgrade to 2.5:

Users can update their Starling app via the Google Play Store or App Store.


I’ve been getting 18-20 updates at one time the last few days. I have 3 pages of notifications like the photo.


Hi @Paysonsmom! Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I’m sorry for any inconvenience it’s caused. Our development team has already identified a fix which should be deployed soon.