"Shining Star" Spotlight on Leo!



Starling “Shining Star” Spotlight

Parents: Juan & Jennifer Casas

Shining Star Name & Age: Leo, 7 weeks

How long has Leo been using his Starling?
We’ve been using the Starling since Leo’s first week home.

What made you decide to purchase your Starling?
Besides the ample research that supports the crucial importance of early childhood literacy and speech, it was honestly the personal touch of the Starling team. After I first heard about the Starling, I was greeted by an instant message while browsing the Starling website. I first thought it was a “robot” employee or some random call center employee. However, much to my surprise it was actually one of the creators of the Starling and we ended up having a 15-minute phone discussion where we discussed the research behind the Starling and all of the cool features the Starling and the Starling App have. I was so impressed that I ended up purchasing our Starling directly from him on that call.

What’s your family’s personal daily word goal?
We currently aim for at least 10,000 words per day while focusing on quality interactions over quantity.

What’s one outrageous thing you’ve done to increase your word count to hit or exceed a goal?
Reading and talking about any and every little thing we see! We have read everything from instruction manuals to hospital brochures and discussed IRAs and baseball statistics.

What positive behaviors has your family adopted or increased as a result of your use of the Starling?
We both have terrible singing voices but we have increased our singing tenfold since we’ve had the Starling. As long as Leo is smiling and soaking up the words, we don’t mind the embarrassment :slight_smile:

What’s one funny or aha moment you’ve had with the Starling?
After using the beta reading program, I’ve really learned that the environment in which we are reading and the speed of our reading is so much more important than the time spent reading or the number of words read.

What books are currently in rotation in your home right now?
A Disney Storybook Collection and a Winnie the Pooh Collection.