Reading Excellence Program: What do the scores mean?

  • The scores are based on a scale from 0-100.

  • The (overall) score represents the combination of the other scores (Engagement, Speed & Environment).

  • Engagement measures how interactive you are with your storytelling.
    Instead of just reading the words on the page, point out different objects on the page and describe them (“Do you see the cow? Look at the cow! The cow goes ‘mooooo’”). Ask your child questions about the story - if she is younger pause & continue reading; if she is older allow her to respond or ask her own questions. Act out different voices in the book, changing the pitch of your voice. Factors like these help ensure your little one is focused on & engaged with the books you’re reading!

  • Speed measures the pace at which you’re reading.
    Research shows that children can process at most 125 words per minute, while we adults tend to talk a lot more quickly than that! Make sure to slow down while you’re reading so that your little one is absorbing all of the rich vocabulary books have to offer.

  • Environment measures the noise level around you when you’re reading.
    It’s important to read in a quiet environment so that your little one can stay focused on & engaged with the books you’re reading. TV, radio, or older kids talking in the background can all contribute to a noisy environment.