QUESTION: What was the most insightful aspect of the program?


What do you remember most? Were there any surprises?


I thought I was a really engaged reader when reading to my 4 year old. But turns out I’m not. I seem to do well with sound effects but I speed along with the rest of the text. Just being aware of this has made me much more mindful when I read; I actually am enjoying the stories I read to him even more. Focusing on my mindfulness is a very compelling way to give myself permission to enjoy the fact that Sister Bear is once again worried about kindergarten…


I realised that I need to slow down a lot in order to make my reading effective


@eshanais Do you know how fast your words per minute were during the first few sessions?

We are thinking of breaking the statistics down and introducing one statistic per day so that parents can really focus on each metric. What would you think of that?