QUESTION: How was your first use of the reading app? Were there any surprises?


How did the interaction with your child and the phone go?

What did you think of the statistics that you received?

Did you share the results with anyone else in the family?


We had a wonderful 1st day! I selected books my daughter usually enjoys and we did two 10 min sessions.

My overall takeaways:

  1. This program motivated me to read to my daughter after work. I admit I usually say “well she has storytime at daycare so I’m off the hook.” Since this program emphasizes good reading practices in terms of engagement, environment, and wpm, I thought it would be good to use this opportunity to engage and use these tips during our sessions at home.

  2. I’m a student at heart so the statistics which I keep calling “grades” are a good motivator for me. When I got a lower than expected score on engagement I went back and read the engagement tips so I could emphasize that for the next time and improve my score :slight_smile:

  3. Finally I shared my results with my husband and Mom. My husband and I have since started a mini competition to see who can get better stats :grinning::joy:


Thanks for the wonderful feedback! I am curious to see how your engagement scores improve over time.

On the family relationship comment, that is awesome. One feature we are considering if family accounts where spouses, nannies, etc can each have their own account.

Please keep the feedback coming.
Thank you!

  1. The app is extremely easy to use and very visual too, one suggestion is to switch the keep reading and finish buttons that come after the pause button. Another suggestion is to have a discard option - as it happened with me that while exploring the app I was in the reading mode and it automatically uploaded the data.

  2. I love the statistics, however I question how do you determine the engagement when you read to a 5 month old baby.

  3. I have been sharing the results with my husband, he is yet to try the app



1 - I like the idea of a discard session button. I find myself showing people the app all the time and think the same thing.

2 - On engagement with a new born we still need to make some adjustments but it comes down to the sound of your voice. Many people get very monotone when they read while the research recommends active reading which is asking questions and almost acting out the story a bit to make it more engaging. Perhaps stopping and explaining the definition of a certain word too.

2 - How could we facilitate getting your husband involved? What is his reaction when you show him?

Thank you for the wonderful feedback!


Could two phones / accounts be linked to the same baby


Not yet. It is something we are working on. Would this be to invite your husband and other caregivers?


Yes, it would be great if we have a combined community of everyone who reads to the baby


The first time I used the app, I wasn’t at home and didn’t have wifi. I was surprised that it tried to upload right after I clicked finish.

I think we should be able to finish then at a later time upload the data. I immediately closed the app on the initial upload so I have no idea if it worked/counted.

I also haven’t gotten a report yet, but will report after I get it.


@charkee Thanks for the feedback. I will confirm that we are only uploading with a wifi connection. When you do get wifi and connect, it should upload and you should get an analysis email afterwards.

What did you think of the timing aspect. Was the time read what you expected?


The timing to upload or the amount of time reading?
Also, I just looked at my score. I read 88 words per minute. Is it saying I should read faster? Maybe there should be an area where we put the age of the child. Comprehending words per minute for a newborn versus a 4 year old must be different. I would think the 4yo could process faster and more words per minute.

Can the app tell when you go off script with the book?


The total time for the reading session itself. Was it what you expected?

On the 88 WPM, the goal is to be less than 125-135 Words Per Minute as research suggests that young children cannot process that quickly. We’ve seen many parents speak like auctioneers because they want to finish the book. The goal isn’t really to read the book but to have a good experience with your child that really boosts their comprehension.

On the age differentiation, that is something we are working on. We are working on additional follow courses for specific age ranges. If you have a 4 year old you could start to ask about specific vocabulary comprehension and start working on proto reading if your child is ready for it.

And for the app we can detect the book even with back and forth conversation and interruptions. In fact, we encourage active reading!

Thank you for all the wonderful questions and feedback!


Yes. Need this function.


First experience was smooth. I did wonder what a 96/100 meant. I wondered did I get credit for intonation via reading? Another family member read a book and scored extremely low. This member reads to the baby often so it helped us to talk through how she was reading to the baby.


@ek1906 I am working through a new approach to presenting the statistics so that parents & caregivers will get more granular assessment and feedback


As Jon mentioned we are working on giving more specific & granular feedback. A big contributor to the engagement score is intonation - so that would make sense if you varied the pitch of your voice more than the other family member!


The first few times was great, but trying to hide the phone because then that is all my daughter cares about is trying to chew on that and not paying attention to the book or me talking at all became too much of a distraction. I have a new phone and don’t have the app anymore :frowning: I would like to try again. The annoying part was getting the emails everytime. When you read several times a day it ends up just being sooo much clutter in the mail box.



My kids like the reading app too and initially it was a distraction. One idea for you would be to make the first minute or two a game and talk about sound and the sound waves.

For example, I would have my daughters shout to see the energy spike, then say "Ahhhhhhh. . . " to see if they could fill the screen, and then be very very quiet till the line was flat across the screen.

Another time we listen for noises using the sound waves again. My wife closing a closet door registered as a bang and we talked about near and far, loud and quiet.

Just some ideas for how to co-opt the app rather than fight it.



Thanks. She’s just obsessed with phone because FaceTiming family is the only way she sees them. So she is always looking for someone on my phone. Haha thanks for the ideas.