NEW FEATURE: Leaderboard Rankings


We are thinking of creating a leaderboard for the reading app experience. This might be for all time where you would know where you stand in terms of overall usage. Or it could be based on how much reading you tracked for the past 7 days. It might look like this:

You are #32 based on 76 minutes of reading this past week. Keep reading to improve your rankings.

What do you think? Would this motivate you? Or scare you? Please comment below.


I love competition, so I wd love it.


Hi Esha, That’s great to hear. We can tell you the standings now if you like ( I can direct message you in the app).


Nice that would be great


Thank you Esha! Are there others ways to compete that are exciting to you? For example, challenging your friends to see who can read the most over the weekend?


I love the idea! Will keep many of the parents motivated.