NEW FEATURE: Book Recognition and Recommendations


We have a really cool new feature where we can identify the book that you are reading automatically and build a library for you in the app. From that library we could:

1 - Help guide your on age appropriate books.

2 - Make new book recommendations.

3 - Provide questions about the book to encourage deeper interaction with your loved what.

What do you think of this? What else would you like to see?


this is a great idea. I don’t need another list I have to check off though. I would want to be able to easily review the book and purchase. I’m not that interested in receiving questions only because this is yet another list. Also, would I need to look at my phone to see the questions?

  1. I would love to receive guidance and recommendations on books, I am new to parenting and I think I tend to pick what I might like and not necessarily that may be age appropriate for my baby.
  2. New book recommendations will be great
  3. Wd be nice to get ideas on deeper interaction too

Would be nice to know what are the best times to read, what queues may the baby give when he/she is bored or uninterested or most interested. What is the attention span, when are you overdoing it are some questions I may have.


I like the library idea to catalogue books we’ve read. Would prefer similar books or “other readers enjoyed,” similar to Amazon’s suggestions, but not necessarily recommendations.


Thanks @ek1906! We should begin testing the automatic book recognition this coming week and I look forward to your feedback on it.

For recommendations, perhaps I should clarify what we mean?

First, they would be around age and developmental appropriateness.
Second, we would recommend books around specific themes such as building math brains or values like sharing or helping others.

I personally have spent a lot of time researching books around themes and I’ve had other parents see the books and get excited! One example is the Sir Cumference Series which bill themselves as math adventures: