My Starling is not Charging


To resolve this issue:

Step 1: Verify that the outlet itself has power.

Step 2: Verify that the cable is full seated in the adapter and in the charging dock.

Step 2b: Verify that the cable itself works and is not damaged. Either try a different cable or use the cable on a different device.

Step 3: Verify that the Starling is properly seated with the copper pins match the dock pins (Please note that the Starling must be removed from it’s clip to charge properly).

Step 3b: Make sure the Starling is removed from it’s case.

Step 4: Wipe down the metal contacts on the back of the Starling. Sometimes they get covered with gunk which does not allow charging to happen.

Step 6: Verify that there is a red light on the Starling while it is charging.


I did all the tips and it still won’t charge.


HI @devinsnichole Can you verify that the back of the Starling itself is clean? Sometimes the copper connectors on the back become coated and don’t allow the Starling to charge.


It still not working.


@devinsnichole Can you send us a picture of the Starling in it’s charging dock? Are you not seeing any light on the Starling at all when it is in the dock?

Can you confirm that you have taken the Starling out of it’s clip attachment?
Can you confirm that it is placed in the dock so that the metal contacts are touching the metal pins from the dock itself - the Starling can sit in the number any number of ways but only one allows it to actually charge.

Thank you and I’m sorry that this is an issue,


yes I did all of that. There is no light showing at all.


Thanks for the picture. Last question and if this doesn’t work we will send you a new Starling w/ Dock. Do you have any other USB cables that you could test with the dock? For background, we have not had any Starling or dock failures but we have seen a few bad cables.


We use another usb cable and it still didn’t work.


Hi @devinsnichole Thanks for trying all of the suggestions. I will private message you with some options.