Introduce Yourself, Let's Get to Know Each Other!


Hi, and Welcome to the Startling Community!!! Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share a little bit about you and your family! I’d love to know how old your little one is and when you first started using your Starling. Bonus points for sharing a pic of your family, or just your little one wearing their Starling. I look forward to meeting you!


Every parent who posts an introduction in the month of February will be entered into a drawing to win a Starling Pack, valued at $50 (excludes Starling). :tada::tada:The winner will be announced on March 2nd! :tada::tada:

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Blueberries for Sal — a classic children’s story featuring beautiful illustrations, beloved by parents and their little ones.
Laminated Instructions & Tips — which includes an overview about the power of early engagement, and animated instructions.
A set of stacking cups — the simplest toys are often the best for playing and engaging with babies! We’ve included these multi-colored stacking cups, as well as a set of easy tips and conversation starters to help guide parents.
Sanitizing wipes — the Starling is drool-proof, baby food-proof, snot-proof… but that doesn’t mean it can’t use a little TLC!



I’ll go first. My name is Jami, and I recently joined the team at VersaMe to build and manage the Starling Community! I’m SO excited to be here, not only because I LOVE building and managing communities (which I do) but we LOVE the Starling! I have two boys, Nolan (7) and Hollis (3). Hollis is already a talker, but it’s still so much fun to track our word count and see how it fluxuates from day to day and week to week dependent on whether he’s in preschool, at home, or with another caregiver. I wish I had the Starling when Nolan was little! It would have been so much fun to know how much we were talking then with him vs how much more Hollis is hearing with a big brother around!

I’m so happy to be here and can’t wait to get to know all of you!


Hello! My name is Susan. I have a 5 year old son, Adam. I’m one of the product managers at VersaMe. One of the reasons I joined this incredible team is I see the benefits of focusing on talking, reading, running, laughing, crying, drawing, imagining and other life moments with him. While children are unpredictable and don’t always follow their parents’ latest and greatest plans (ha!), I do focus on being present as much as possible regardless of what he’s experiencing at that time. The Starling is a fantastic way to help me do this. I’m so excited about our community and can’t wait to engage with all of you.


Hello Starling Community! I’m a mom of 2 - Hudson (4 years) and McClane (6 months) and also a speech language pathologist. I started using the Starling with my new babe in November. It’s wonderful to join the conversation with others who love connection and empowering families and their kids!


Welcome Julia, it’s so wonderful to have you here! I love that you’re a speech language pathologist using the Starling. I can’t wait to chat with you more about any special tips you might have for other parents using the Starling…and your boys are adorable!!! :purple_heart:


Hi Fellow Starling fans!!

I’m Erika, a surviving (and sometimes thriving) Mom of 2… Will (3) and Cecilia (17 months). They keep me busy, humble, and always craving new ideas on what to read, how to play, and learn more about why we talk… We’re always talking (at least we try to!).

I’m also a speech-language pathologist, and what we do best is talking! But our family has been using the Starling with our #2 since she was 3 days old and BOY was I surprised! Surprised to see how much (or how little!) we were actually talking!!! It’s been a great tool to motivate us to talk more and more and more.

And now that our youngest has moved on to toddlerhood, we’re seeing the benefits. She’s always trying to be a part of the conversation, interjecting words, repeating words and short phrases, and laughing along with us.



Hi Julia!!! Love seeing your boys smiling faces!!! xoxoox


So great to have our paths cross again!!


Welcome Erika!

So great to see you here! Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your family (looks like an image may have gotten stuck in upload mode)! I LOVE that you’ve been using the Starling with Cecilia since she was a new born, now that’s an early start! As with Julia, I look forward to benefiting from your unique perspective as a momma of two AND a speech language pathologist! :heartpulse:


So great that you two already know each other, love it!


Hi! I’m Crystal, mother of 5 right now! My husband and I both work for the school district and are always helping children. This means we always end up with a few more in the house.
Together we have Taylor-18, Pierre-17, Asiah-15, Lucy-10(today!), & Levi-2. Levi has been wearing his starling since June of last year. I was totally blown away by this small device and all that it does. I have really enjoyed the way we, as a family have changed out speaking habits and outsiders’ reactions to the starling. We have really cut the tv off and started talking A LOT more! Before we would cut the radio on and listen to music when dancing, now we sing! His speech has exploded! I’m really enjoying the starling device!


Welcome Crystal, great to meet you! Sounds like you have quite a fun and busy household – and Happy Birthday to Lucy! :tada:

I LOVE that the entire family’s speaking habits have been influenced by the use of the Starling! That’s so cool!

I’m so interested to hearing more about outsiders reaction to the Starling, have they been curious reactions?


My name is Aaron. I am father of twin 19 mo olds. We have been using the Starling since they were 6 mo old. I am scientist (not in speech), read brain-rules and saw that word count was important. I like quantifying things and this seemed like a good way. Our main challenge is wearing the starling. The kids always take it off themselves, so we wear it, but outfit changes etc are always a problem. Any good ideas?

Speech language therapists, anything you do with the STRL thats unique or cool? Any other data I can harvest?

Overall, its definitely helped us talk more and made it easier to make sure our nanny was talking as well. So far, the kids have about 10-15 words, so I think the Starling has helped with that. Just got done reading, beyond baby talk and found that helpful. Anything else woudl be great.



Hi Aaron! Thanks so much for popping in to introduce yourself. Twin 19 month olds, so much fun and lots of activity, I bet!

I love that you read Brain Rules, if you win the pack, we’ll have to make sure you get another great book – did you find the Starling after reading the book, or did you get the book based on a recommendation from us after getting your Starling??

As for the challenge of keeping the Starling on, have you tried attaching it to the back of the shirt or pants waist band? We’ve seen this help with some little ones, since they’re less likely to fuss if it’s out of sight.

Love love love this testimonial of how you’re using the Starling and the impact it’s had! I’m planning some cool stuff that I’ll be sharing soon…so stay tuned. :star:


Hi Aaron! Speech Pathologist here :slight_smile: mom of 2, and fellow Brain Rules reader - great book!

Since you describe yourself as a “quantifier” and one who likes data - take a look at the types of words that are included in the list of the 10-15 that your kids have learned. How many nouns/verbs/adjectives/exclamations are represented?

This awareness can help guide your modeling to emphasize a diverse vocabulary in your interactions. We want our kids at this age to have a nice variety of word types - so that they can move into creating short phases in the future. For example - think bath time. It is generally most natural to label items (body parts, toys(duck, boat), water, soap, bubbles etc.). During each bath - consider giving yourself a focus to emphasize a certain type of word - verbs one night (wash, pour, splash, wipe, rub), adjectives (wet, dry, slippery, dirty, clean) / exclamations (uh oh, weee, wow, whoosh) on another…and so on.

That’s a little ongoing data analysis that I run in my therapist / mommy mind :smile: - especially with the early word learning! Happy talking!


This is great Julia!! Something I never consciously focus on with my three year old who’s vocabulary is growing daily. Thank you for sharing this suggestion with Aaron – and all of us!


Hi, my name is Laura & our daughter Lucy is 2. We have been using our starling around 6mo…but I wear it, as my daughter would most likely play with it all day. Lucy has been getting speech since she was 21mo old as she was thought to be speech delayed by 50%. We’ve read a lot to her since she was born & talk constantly (or so we thought) & the starling has kept us aware of our daily words & if we need to increase our talking. Our daughter has less than 50 words at 27mo…but she started with about 5 or 6 when we started with speech & our starling. Nice meeting you all in the starling community. So good to have support on this journey!


Welcome Laura! It’s wonderful to meet you and Lucy!! It looks like Lucy is quite the little helper. :grinning:

I love hearing how the Starling has brought more awareness to your daily words, congratulations on the significant progress you’ve made! :tada:

It sounds like you’ve figured out what works for your family, but I’m wondering if you’ve tried attaching the Starling to the backside of Lucy’s waistband? We’ve seen that work for some – the whole “out of sight, out of mind” approach.

We’re so happy to have the opportunity to support you on this journey, thank you for being here! :purple_heart:


Hi there!

My name is Jenny and my 10 month old daughter is Cecelia. I found Starling after anxiously Googling “how many words should a baby hear each day” in the middle of the night. I think it’s worth the investment to give myself peace of mind and make sure I’m doing the best I can for my daughter.

As an introvert, I sometimes find it hard to constantly talk to Cece, especially because she’s so good at playing on her own and some days I’m so tired! I was shocked when the Starling told me she was actually getting about 13000 words each day. It helps that our family is a bunch of outgoing loud-mouths other than me, I guess.

I’m looking forward to continuing to use the Starling, the suggestions in the app and this community to enrich our daily life with language.


Welcome Jenny!! Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself and share a bit about how the Starling came into your life.

13,000 words, very impressive! :tada::raised_hands: And I love that you found peace of mind through use of the Starling. :star:

Cecelia looks like she’s a lot of fun, I can’t wait to think up fun ways to help you continue to enrich your daily lives with language!