How would you spread the word about the reading program?


Have you enjoyed your reading experience? Have you told anyone else about it? What have you said?

How could and should we recruit new testers and ultimately new users?


Tagging some personalized pics of users using (linking to social media). Some may not want because of privacy, but I think it may be a good way to stir up some curiosity with friends.


Couple of ideas:

  1. I agree social sharing is a great way to spread the word. It would allow parents to brag about what they’re doing with their kids and help recruit other parents interested in the experience.

  2. If I could share the specific books I read that’d be interesting. “Chris just read Curious George Goes Camping to Olivia and Caroline” sort of thing.

  3. Community challenges - Can we get an entire classroom to read toward a certain goal? Number of minutes? Number of books? Number of words?

  4. Family challenges - Can I challenge a sibling to a book reading competition this week? See who reads the most minutes, gets the highest engagement score, etc.


@ek1906 Thanks we are debating whether to add a selfie capture option for parents to take a picture reading books. What do you think?

Or would a reading session summary snapshot be sharable enough?


personally I’d prefer not to have to take the picture before reading. Sometimes we switch up the books we were going to read in the moment; based on attention spans that day


Current users could help spread the word by sharing with friends (every mom has a strong network of other moms) as well as sharing with teachers. If local schools send fliers home with kids (especially at the pre k, kindergarten and 1st grade levels) you would increase the mom network exponentially


Both would be good I think. Were you all going to find a way for users to compare themselves to others?


I just sent the link to 5 coworkers. I’ll reach out and try to connect with them before the holiday weekend to see if they have any questions I can answer


@KB3 Thank you! Let us know if you need any wording or additional support.