How does the reading app compare to the Starling?


If you have a Starling what are your thoughts on the experiences of the Starling vs the Reading App?



I enjoy the starling because it’s a constant reminder to keep speaking to the child. The child starts to build an emotional attachment to it after a while. Our daught is 13 months, and she knows what the starting is, and apparently, it tastes good too. The starling software experience lets you compare your week status easily.

Reading App

I like the option of not having to keep up with the starling and have the listening option strictly on the phone. We constantly have issues keeping up with the starling and with our daughter eating it. We’ve had to replace several and the reading app presents an easier platform to track reading. My wife enjoys the reading app better (she is an introvert and speaks less) and I like the starling (extrovert and speak more generally).


I love that it tastes good too! My daughter has an emotional attachment too - she cried when I had to take it off to borrow her’s for a meeting.