Do you ever wonder if you're doing enough?


I know I have. I’m sure we’ve all been there at one time or another. But you know what? If you’re here, my bet is that you ARE doing enough, so pat yourself on the back!

Let’s celebrate some successes as our child’s first teacher, what steps have you taken today to ensure you’re doing enough?


Oh boy! Great question Jami! We always need to “celebrate successes” in the journey of parenthood. I often laugh at myself because as soon as I feel like I’ve figured something out - everything changes again! Our kids are ever evolving…and so are we.

As a new mom of 2 babes - the juggling act of quality time with both boys is my area of focus. I realize I need to be very intentional in my focus with my oldest whenever my baby is resting or playing independently. I’m celebrating today that I was able to do some (uninteruptted) cooking with my 4 year old while my 6mo napped. It’s great to find activities that we BOTH love. Now I’m off to clean the kitchen from all the fun! Lol!

What can we celebrate with you?


Thank you Julia! It’s SO important to take time out to reflect and celebrate, every single day. Especially for the reason you raise – our kids and their needs do change often, so if we don’t take the time to acknowledge all we do, we might very well be on to the next thing and miss the opportunity.

One on one time is so special and important! :heartpulse: I bet every minute was savored by the both of you! As another mom of two, I celebrate this win with you!

Today, I secretly celebrated as I listened to my older boy reading to my younger boy in the car on the way to school. It was a total proud momma moment. Apparently, the reading started before we left, and because the book wasn’t finished when it was time to go, the older boy brought it along. :heart_eyes: