Day 5 Experience Check In


Hi everyone. As the week has progressed, I wanted to check in and see what every one thinks of the experience this week. We have some real power users, what keeps you engaged? What brings you back for every sessions?

If you have slowed down or stopped using the app, what can we do to improve the experience?


What brings me back is to see my total time reading to my son. Though, often times a book reading session is missed being recorded, because I hit Begin and put the phone down, and forget that I have to hit Start Reading as well. I can see that the app is listening but not recording when Begin is hit as the animation line for sound is reacting. Perhaps if the app has been sitting on the Begin page and it’s detecting sound, after a minute it could give a reminder beep or something to hit the Start Reading button. Many times I’ve sat down to read a book, hit Begin, then forget the Start Reading button, because at this point I’m not paying much attention to the screen, I’ve got my son in my arms, with a book ready to get started. Then when I’m done I look to the phone to hit stop, and I see I forgot to hit the Start Reading button.

Instead of an email, a push notification to view the results in the app would be my preference.

Whilst I like the initial idea of having the app listen and give me feedback on my reading, I do like the simplicity of just grabbing a book and start reading with my son, without having to find my phone, open the app, press Begin, press Start Reading. So I’m not sure that I would be a long term user. And I’m not sure what would have me be a long term user.


@donnalea Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

I too read for the time (I’ve been using the app for about 4 weeks). My girls also like playing with the sound waves before we start reading each session.

On the two taps to start recording, that is something we have been debating and I personally would like one tap to start recording - is that what you mean?

We just got push notifications working today! So hopefully we will be able to send out an update with that functionality shortly.

On the longer term usage, we are working on a number of methods for encouraging long term usage. Maybe not recording every day but more of a longer term engagement and feedback. I will create a separate thread related to that topic and see what the responses are.

Thank you!