Community Event: Introducing Mindfulness to your Little Ones


Join us on Tuesday, May 1st from 5:30-6:30 PM PST // 8:30-9:30 PM EST when Brianna Mobilian of The Prana Tribe shares why teaching children skills like self-esteem, mastering emotions, mindfulness, inner peace, gratitude, and positivity not only benefit the child but the future of the world. Brianna will share tools and practices that you can leverage to encourage lifelong healthy thought patterns in your little ones while deepening your connection.

One lucky participant will win a deck of The Prana Tribe Affirmation cards *In order to be entered into the drawing, participants must post a question or comment during the live event.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Where do I go to join this event tomorrow? Is there a special link? Thanks!


Hello @Dani Dani, this is an online event that will take place right here! We look forward to see you tomorrow!!


Thanks for asking the question. I look forward to your participation.


@Paysonsmom @JuanCasas @wrongindustries @Dani @Libloom @LauraByrd @Vycktoriya @janeyd28 @EmbracingTheNow @Cswalkersmith @apekay – Be sure to join us here this evening 5:30-6:30 PM PST // 8:30-9:30 PM EST for a discussion on introducing mindfulness to your little ones AND for your chance to win your very own deck of The Prana Tribe Affirmation cards!!


I will try my best evenings are crazy busy in my house! I have been doing stuff on mindfulness and could always use more it’s and amazing thing! Also a lot harder sometimes than it seems like it should be. Hope you all have an amazing day!


What time central time? I’m always not there because I always look at time.


@Paysonsmom 5:30-6:30 PM Pacific // 7:30-8:30 Central // 8:30-9:30 PM Eastern

And I feel you, evenings for mamas can get super busy. We’re still experimenting with times to see what works well for people…we have high concentrations of Starling parents on both the East and West coasts.

We hope to see you in a couple hours!!


I cannot get on to the presentation tonight


Hi @rkaralus! Thanks so much for joining us!! The event takes place all via posts here in our community. Brianna is just about to get started!


Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for having me. My name is Brianna Mobilian and I am a mom of two, 200-hour yoga teacher and founder of The Prana Tribe. As a mom/yoga teacher, I realized that school has the power to build my children’s academic skills, but they also need a deep development of emotional skills. Many soft skills such as mindfulness, gratitude, loving kindness and self-love aren’t taught in a traditional sense but are absolutely essential for raising resilient children. This has been the motivational drive behind The Prana Tribe and gave me a mission to help shape our children into world changers. In teaching children to accept themselves, love themselves deeply, be present in everyday moments, surrender to the challenging times, and have abundant hearts of gratitude, it not only benefits the child. These aspects root deep within the child allowing them to change the world around them just by being them.


Hi @Brianna, thanks so much for joining us tonight and sharing your wisdom with us!! This topic us near and dear to my heart and SO important!! :heart:


For everyone joining us tonight, @Brianna will be sharing some of her learnings with us and what led her to the path she’s on now and you can feel free to ask questions along the way anytime you feel the desire!


As parents, we are called to do more than just love our children. We are called to teach our children how to love themselves in a healthy manner. Every child needs to know that they are amazing just the way they are. They are full of capability, goodness and unique qualities that make up their essence. “I am” are the two most powerful words ever spoken because what comes after shapes a child’s perception and that perception becomes reality. Thus, a child’s inward reflection is their outward perception. When they feel good on the inside, they radiate that goodness back into the world.

We have to teach our children that self-love isn’t selfish but rather selfless. When you love yourself for who you are, you can love others in a healthy way. When your inner voice is your biggest fan instead of your harshest critic, you can be a loving fan of others too. When you love yourself deeply, you work hard for the greater good. This cause drives you instead of the applause of others. We must teach our children that everything they could ever need is already inside of them. They don’t need anyone’s applause to validate who they are when they know their own worth. This truth is what they need to be set free. It sets them free of harsh bullies that try to affect them emotionally, as well as the pressure from peers to do something they know inside is wrong. It gives them the resilience to make it through the toughest obstacles in life with courage and confidence.


Im attempting to log on now for event, bo sucess


@Live4wellness, you are here with us. This event consists of posts that you read and you can comment/ask questions at any time you’d like. :blush:


@Brianna, This is seriously such important stuff! :raised_hands::raised_hands: Teaching our children this from day one will be a total game changer for sure, setting them up to have the tools they need to stay grounded in love!

I’ve always had a very vocal inner critic and I truly wish I had the tools to turn that around earlier in life.


Absolutely! When they love who they are as they are, their thought patterns are completely positive and loving. They can differentiate their current state from an actual character trait. An example is that they can know that feeling like a disappointment doesn’t mean they are a disappointment.

I can totally relate to you because I also wish these tools were available in my childhood.


@Brianna - This is wonderful. Can you give some examples/activities that teach our children self-love on a daily basis?


Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is essential for children because gratitude is transformational. While commercials often highlight what it is a child doesn’t have but should want, gratitude makes them realize that there’s not a single thing more that they need. A new toy or clothing item won’t add true value to their lives.

Gratitude is more than just appreciating what we have, but not hungering for more. Being grateful causes a positivity domino effect. When a child starts realizing what they already have to be grateful for, they naturally find even more reasons to be grateful. Their heart feels full and overflows with abundance. Gratitude is the food a soul craves. With intention, we can raise children that have attitudes full of gratitude. Instead of just being grateful for the obvious reasons, they learn to become grateful for those everyday moments that can be easily overlooked, like having a hot meal to eat or being able to use their senses to experience life. Their moments become full of wonder and true joy. Their journey of life is reshaped into a truly fulfilling experience.

Studies have shown that gratitude has many incredible benefits. Some of which are it:

Improves physical health

Improves psychological health

Increases empathy while reducing aggression

Increases mental strength

Provides a happiness that actually lasts

There are many simple daily activities that you can help foster a sense of gratitude in your child

So, why not choose gratitude?