Ask the Starling Product Manager + a Big Surprise!



Have a burning question related to your Starling? Interested in sharing feedback with the Product Manager responsible for developing cool Staring features? This Thursday, Alex Yorke, Starling Product Manager, will be available to answer those questions!

Just post below before Thursday morning at 9:00 AM PT and she’ll address as many questions and as much feedback as she can in a video that we’ll share right here on Thursday, May 24th at 4:00 PM PT. AND, you’ll want to be sure to watch the video because she’s also planning to share a BIG SURPRISE with all of you!

So don’t be shy, bring any and all of your product questions, questions about features in development, or features you wish we offered!!


Are other people seeing move scores and quality words? Because I have never seen either?


From a design standpoint, I’m wondering if it would ever be doable to have the Starling and the clip be permanently attached. This is admittedly SUCH a “first-world problem”, but it would be more convenient for charging purposes if I didn’t have to take the Starling out of the clip/sleeve each time.


Hi Friends!

I want to be sure you have the opportunity to ask any questions about the Starling or share any feedback as Alex will be circling in tomorrow to address everything in a video – as she shares a very special announcement.

Bring on the questions!

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My other question is with the new lab… and sleep. I thought they weren’t supposed to wear it when sleeping? Or are they supposed to now or where? More info needed to be able to use properly I guess.


Another suggestion would be have a notification when battery is getting low or 50% because I usually don’t notice until it’s been off and I’m not sure how long.


Click here to find and listen to the video recording with Alex Yorke and to learn more about who she is and the recently launched Starling Labs. :star_struck::raised_hands:

Be sure to watch the video to learn about the exciting challenge we kicked off today for your chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! :tada: :rainbow: :star:


@Paysonsmom Alex addresses this in the video, I encourage you to have a watch and circle back if you have any other questions. Thank you!!! :blush:


Hi @Paysonsmom, Move Score in a permanent feature that you should see on the main screen with the App, are you not seeing it? Quality Labs in still a beta feature and can be found within the new Starling Labs.

If you’re not seeing either of these, have you updated to the latest app?


Hi @JuanCasas, great question! When we designed the clip, we needed to make sure it was strong enough to stay put in any situation. We don’t want toddlers to be able to take the Starling off and leave it on the playground, but that’s one reason why it won’t fit over the charger! That being said, we have heard this feedback before, and it’s something we’ll keep in mind for future versions!


Hi there @Paysonsmom , we actually started sending Low Battery email reminders a few weeks ago! You can manage your notification settings via Help & Settings in the main Starling app. However, we’re also exploring sending these as push notifications for future versions!


I do see the move score spot but I have never had it ever had any data on it. Same thing with the quality words.


Hi @Paysonsmom, Can you restart your Starling? You should then start seeing Move Score data. If not please let us know.


I restarted it and still no move score or quality words have ever come up.


@Paysonsmom, so strange. I’ll have someone to follow up with you direct to see what we can figure out. Thx!!


Was the chance to win a gift card put on pause as well? Just wondering. Thank you!

Stephanie and Izzy :heart::blush: