ANNOUNCEMENT: Reading Program Update for Wednesday 10 May


Congratulations on enrolling in the Starling Reading Excellence Program! You’re in good company: among all the parents in this week’s program, yesterday’s averages came in at 21 minutes of reading, and an amazing 2.5 sessions. (Shoutout to the top family that has logged highest 41 minutes so far! Congrats!)

You’re already doing wonders for your baby’s brain. But we know you can take it up a notch - let’s make today even better. Can you read 5 extra minutes today?

Here are some suggestions for how to get there:
Try reading a story while you’re little one is in the bath. A story can be a perfect complement to bath time, while your child is relaxed!
Stick some books in your bag, and bring them everywhere you go. Reading can happen anywhere - on the bus, in the doctor’s office or waiting in line!
Involve the whole family in your storytime sessions, and ask everyone to read for a different character’s voice. This will help you take your time and enjoy!

Keep checking out our daily reading tips to make sure you’re hitting the highest engagement, environment and speed scores. We’ll check in with you tomorrow and let you know how you did on your goal.

Reach out if you have any questions, we love to hear from you.

Enjoy story time tonight!

Jon & The Starling Team


Starting this week. Nice to connect with the community. :slight_smile: Andria and I set up two separate accounts and will have to consolidate. Would be good to have a family feature in case one person’s phone isn’t around.


Thanks @ek1906! Welcome to the community! Please feel free to share any feedback you have.

We are working on family accounts.


Welcome Eddie & Andria!